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Fully trained and insured, we are able to use our expertise and equipment to safely remove hazardous trees, branches, or tops which have the potential to knock down power lines, damage homes and property, or cause bodily harm to family, friends, or pets and livestock.

Check out our services and be sure to reach out if you have any questions or for a free quote!


My name is David Johnson

Canopy Down Arborscape is proud to be a family-owned, local, small business. Be sure to check out our services and give us a shout if you need a quote!

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At Canopy Down Arborscape we specialize in hazardous tree removal, storm cleanup, residential brush clearing, chipping, 24/7 emergency tree service, tree cabling, tree pruning and smaller forest thinning jobs. See below for more information.

Our team can determine if there a tree on your property has trunk decay, which can cause weakness in the tree and potentially, a dangerous situation. While we all love our trees, their health is paramount to our safety, and those around us. 


Tree species, age, root growth and depth, soil quality, inclement weather, and trunk height are some of the causes of unhealthy, and consequently unsafe.


Our team, and our expertise, will bring you peace of mind and help to prevent property damage or personal harm. We will also take care of the clean up and disposal of waste wood and branches.

Contact us to book your free quote today!

24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Storm Cleanup

Hazardous Tree Removal

Paul & Connie, NS

"Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate you and your crew. It was our pleasure to deal with you. I will recommend you to everyone I hear is looking to have some work done."

Donna Yorke, NS

"David is wonderful to work with! From timely reasonable quotes, to professionally completed jobs as planned. David has given me peace of mind tackling the job of taking down a massive maple tree that was badly split, sitting close to our new home. On another property, David removed two large evergreens in record time! The yard is now full of sunshine and ready for landscaping and a new fence. Thank you David, for the fantastic workmanship and skill you offer, and always with a smile!"

Brian Tennant, NS

"I called David from Canopy Down to prune back an apple tree and an overgrown rose bush. David came out and reviewed what I wanted and planned a date on the work. Canopy Down pruned and removed all debris. A job well done."


Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Canada B0M 1S0


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